NFL Week Three – Washignton Redskins vs. St. Louis Rams

The Redskins played the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, September 26th.  This was the Redskins first away game of the 2010 season.  So I got the chance to relax in the comfort of my own home and watch the game unfold…in front of invited guests.  This is always a bad move for me…to have people over. Some ‘friends’ aren’t as enthusiastic, shall I say, about the Redskins as I am or as devoted as I’d like them to be.  At the first sign of caution, the crowd acts as if I lined up wrong.  They could not stay focused on what was really happening.  And in this game, there was a lot happening.  First, the Redskins always play (up or down) to their competition’s level. There was no reason the Redskins should have lost that game.  After all, in the 2008 Season the Rams only won 2 games…one against the Cowboys (hee-hee) and the other against…well…the Redskins…but you know what we were going through back then!  It was a crazy time.  Can I just say, “Rookie Head Coach”?  Yet in the 2009 season the Rams only won 1 game…one! This game came in week 8 against the Detroit Lions (Duh!!!)   Therefore, according to my calculations…and I do calculations for a living…the Rams were on track to win NO games this season.  But that was then and this is now. 

Rookie-Sam Bradford

Here comes this Hot-Shot Rookie Quarterback…thinking he is supposed to win some games.  Nobody on that team even told him about their recent history.  Noooooo! The nerve of this kid!  Let’s think about it, the Rams were already 0-2.  Meanwhile, the Redskins played down to theee wire against the Cowboys with only 0:03 seconds in regulation left…yeah, remember that? Then we lost a nail biter in overtime to the Texans…Just for the record, I don’t care what they say, that FG that we kicked should have counted...calling timeout at the last second is just rude.    
In any event, I felt the Rams could be a little bit desperate.  They have this highly talented rookie QB that has proven he is ready for the NFL and the beast that is Steven Jackson.  Even though McNabb had a great game last week, the Redskins still lost.  This week we had a different dynamic, because McNabb, the Rams Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur, and the Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo all worked together in Philadelphia for almost decade.  I am sure the Rams knew exactly what they were doing when they shut our offense down by keeping McNabb in the pocket, and by forcing us into plays that were unscripted.  On the other side of the ball, our defense could not keep up with the Rams’ offense.  We have some good Defenders; I do not know how in the world this Defense is ranked so low in the league. (Nor do I want to hear from anyone about it.) We all know that in just two games LaRon Landry, alone, had a sack, 2 tackles for a loss of yards, 4 QB hurries, and an amazing 31 tackles! 
In the end, we all saw the game.  The Rams came out the gate with two quick touchdowns!!  But before the half, the Redskins were in the lead with a score of 16-14.  Who would have thought that there would be no more Redskins scoring?  Certainly not me.  What else is there to say?
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