NFL Week Seven in Review – Washington Redskins vs. Chicago Bears

On its way to Canton, OH!!!
The Washington Redskins had a crazy game in the ‘Windy City’ when they faced the Chicago Bears last Sunday.  I hesitated in posting this blog as new quotes and comments from players and coaches from both teams just kept pouring in…they just would not stop.  First and foremost, I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to DeAngelo Hall for having a wonderful game.  With all the things that went wrong, his efforts really won that game for us.  Every time we needed a big play, there he was.  This blog is dedicated to the many quotes of the week; oh my goodness the quotes:

·         The Redskins offense? Mostly along for the ride. A bumpy one. - Larry Weisman
·         We knew from watching film of Culter that we were going to get some opportunities. - DeAngelo Hall
·         Hall made plays on Sunday…Four of them, in fact.  - Gary Fitzgerald
·         There are a lot of things ah…I would like to do differently. - Lovie Smith
·         Smith regrets not challenging the QB sneak, it wasn't the only reason the Bears lost. - Larry Mayer
·         Haynesworth  jumped over an offensive lineman to grab Cutler at the 1-yard line  -  Associated Press
·         Albert played exceptionally well.  - Mike Shanahan,
·         I still think if we had to play him (D. Hall) tomorrow, I'd go after him every time. – Jay Cutler

…And then there were the Tweets:
·         @classic74: I must admit its great to not be the team everyone is talking ish about on Monday/Tuesday morning...we win ugly but we winning
·         @Drunken_Monkee: I swear the #Redskins goin drive me to drink today!
·         @LeighBodden: INT for DeAngelo Hall was SICK!!
·         @ryanohalloran: Total yards to this point: Redskins 144, Bears minus-4.
·        @riggo44: The Bears offense is a laugh in progress…And my favorite of the week…
·         @Dhall23:  Just got word Canton came and picked up my jersey from the Chicago Game.
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