NFL Week Five in Review – Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins

The Powerful Mr. Landry
What a great TIME I had at FedEx Field on Sunday as the Redskins hosted the Green Bay Packers.  To start the game, there was the very powerful LaRon Landry causing a Green Bay turnover; a completed pass from A. Rodgers to D. Lee combined with a forced fumble that was recovered by the very alert Kareem Moore.  Before the play was over, J. Finley had to be carted off the field…all this with less than a minute of game time ticking off the clock. (14:04 left in the 1st Qtr)  After that, there was R Pickett down with less than 2 minutes gone. (13:03 left in the 1st Qtr)  Early on, this game proved to be one that will be decided by time and injuries.

I will fast forward to the Packers having 1st & goal from the Redskins 5 yard line. (11:00 left in the 1st Qtr)  It took them two complete minutes to score their only TD of the game, but then I see D. Lee leaving the sideline for the locker room without wearing his jersey…or pads... hmmm.  (8:50 left in the 1st Qtr)   He was later determined to be OUT with a shoulder injury. (Who touched him?)

To start the 2nd quarter, the Packers had 1st & Ten from the Redskins 20…Red Zone Time! (Oh no!)  A mere 50 seconds later and it was 1st & Goal from the Redskins 9…Red Zone Alert Time! (Dayyyum!)  No dice, on first down, the very strong Chris Wilson makes one helluva play.  Second & Goal, NOPE! It is now 3rd & Goal from INSIDE the Redskins 1 yard line.  A. Rodgers keeps the ball and gets zilch, zip, nada, nothing…not even a hair of movement of the ball. The Packers are thinking…scratching their heads…looking around… they take too long. They take a much needed time out.  With all their wisdom, they decided to TRY to DISRESPECT my defense by going for it on 4th down…albeit 4th & inches from the goal line…but who did they think they were messing with?  (12:16 left in the 2nd Qtr)   [By the way 12:16 is always a GREAT time.] The Packers depart from their huddle and incomplete their pass; it was broken up by the very aptly positioned Lorenzo Alexander.  GOAL LINE STANCE!  Two field goals later by both teams and the score is Packers 10 – Redskins 3 at the half.  I am getting all excited…again…just by typing this game recap...Focus Diva, focus!

The 3rd quarter only saw another Packers field goal.  Finally, our fearless leader Donovan McNabb connects on a 48 yard TD pass to the very talented Anthony Armstrong and the very lovely legged Graham Gano tied the game.  We overcame a 10 point 4th quarter deficit, something we rarely do. (1:07 left in the 4th Qtr)  The Packers M. Crosby missed a 53 yard field goal with only 1 second left in regulation!! It was not overtime, it was ‘nail biting, heart attack having, butterfly stomach churning, and grey hair growing’ time. 

The Attractive Mr. Landy!!

In this 5th quarter, on a Packers drive; the very attractive…I mean, very aggressive LaRon Landry makes a diving interception….then with 6:54 on the overtime clock the very accurate Graham Gano kicked a 33 yard game winning field goal after the Packers coach tried  to ice him.  In the end, the Redskins celebrated a 16-13 overtime win over the Packers.

This Diva is Done!