NFL Week Six in Review – Colts vs. Redskins

Diva & a Colts fan! (Booo!)
The Washington Redskins played the Indianapolis Colts last night, and what a nail biter of a game it was.  My entire day was totally consumed with Redskins game day activities.  To start, the weather was beautiful and beautiful football weather always brings about so much promise to my heart.  I watched very little pregame shows. Mainly because the Redskins always get negative media coverage…and by ‘negative media coverage’, I mean we never get picked to win!  Sometimes I listen for the fun of it and sometimes it just plain ole rubs me the wrong way.  Sometimes I get bored with the same ole hyped-up stories; You know...Dallas this… and Bret Farve that…blah, blah, blah.  I did manage to watch the Eagles game, and got mad...and by 'mad', I mean LOSE Eagles, Jeez! But the Cowboys did brighten my day!!

Anyway….by 3 pm, my ‘Tailgating Specialty –Meatballs’ were cooking and soon I arrived at FedEx Field.  Yeah, I was real early, the lots opened early, so why not?? Since I had been Tweeting all morning with fellow Redskins fans; I visited several new Tweeps in the parking lot.  We shared food, drinks, smiles and predictions…and by ‘predictions’ I mean Colts will LOSE!!  I knew this would not be an easy game, as Peyton Manning is a great QB and the Colts are a well prepared team.  Not that we aren’t but this Redskins team is still building a nucleus and in the process of settling in with each other.   Previously, I told everyone what the Redskins needed to do to win, but no… they didn’t want to listen to me and now it was time to play the damn thing.  It’s always all about ‘deep analysis’, so here is the game recap:
• 57-yard touchdown pass from Manning to Garcon COLTS 7, REDSKINS 0 (Big Deal!!)
• 9-yard rushing touchdown by Torain COLTS 7, REDSKINS 7 (Now the game is Even Steven!!)
• 5-yard touchdown pass from Manning to Collie COLTS 14, REDSKINS 7 (…5yards?? Pfff!!)
• 43-yard field goal by Vinatieri COLTS 17, REDSKINS 7 (He barely made this one!!)
• 1-yard rushing touchdown by Torain COLTS 17, REDSKINS 14(On his way to a 100 yd game!!)
• 13-yard rushing touchdown by Addai COLTS 24, REDSKINS 14 (Damn, that dude is a workhorse!!)
• 39-yard field goal by Gano COLTS 24, REDSKINS 17(Here we come, Baby!!)
• 33-yard field goal by Vinatieri COLTS 27, REDSKINS 17(Eventual game winning kick!!)
• 8-yard touchdown pass from McNabb to Keiland  COLTS 27, REDSKINS 24(A little too late!!)
Diva & some of the Hogettes!!
On the bright side…and by ‘bright side’, I mean areas where we out-performed the Colts.  I always look for a bright side.  A football game is full of little battles that equate to a single war.  On the field we did have some good statistics…you know, battles that we won:
• First downs: The Redskins had 23 to the Colts had 22;
• Turnovers: Redskins suffered by throwing 2 interceptions, but the Colts lost 3 of 4 fumbles;
• Time of possession: We had the ball for 32:30 minutes compared to the Colts 27:30;
• Wow!! That’s all I’ve got on positives; I thought there were more!!
The fact that we lost by only 3 points to a team that had 134 more total yards and Peyton Manning at the helm is not so bad.  We will get the victory next week, beware BEARS…and by ‘BEARS’, I mean losers!!

This Diva is Done!