NFL Week Seven in Review – Washington Redskins vs. Chicago Bears

On its way to Canton, OH!!!
The Washington Redskins had a crazy game in the ‘Windy City’ when they faced the Chicago Bears last Sunday.  I hesitated in posting this blog as new quotes and comments from players and coaches from both teams just kept pouring in…they just would not stop.  First and foremost, I want to send a BIG THANK YOU to DeAngelo Hall for having a wonderful game.  With all the things that went wrong, his efforts really won that game for us.  Every time we needed a big play, there he was.  This blog is dedicated to the many quotes of the week; oh my goodness the quotes:

·         The Redskins offense? Mostly along for the ride. A bumpy one. - Larry Weisman
·         We knew from watching film of Culter that we were going to get some opportunities. - DeAngelo Hall
·         Hall made plays on Sunday…Four of them, in fact.  - Gary Fitzgerald
·         There are a lot of things ah…I would like to do differently. - Lovie Smith
·         Smith regrets not challenging the QB sneak, it wasn't the only reason the Bears lost. - Larry Mayer
·         Haynesworth  jumped over an offensive lineman to grab Cutler at the 1-yard line  -  Associated Press
·         Albert played exceptionally well.  - Mike Shanahan,
·         I still think if we had to play him (D. Hall) tomorrow, I'd go after him every time. – Jay Cutler

…And then there were the Tweets:
·         @classic74: I must admit its great to not be the team everyone is talking ish about on Monday/Tuesday morning...we win ugly but we winning
·         @Drunken_Monkee: I swear the #Redskins goin drive me to drink today!
·         @LeighBodden: INT for DeAngelo Hall was SICK!!
·         @ryanohalloran: Total yards to this point: Redskins 144, Bears minus-4.
·        @riggo44: The Bears offense is a laugh in progress…And my favorite of the week…
·         @Dhall23:  Just got word Canton came and picked up my jersey from the Chicago Game.
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NFL Week Six in Review – Colts vs. Redskins

Diva & a Colts fan! (Booo!)
The Washington Redskins played the Indianapolis Colts last night, and what a nail biter of a game it was.  My entire day was totally consumed with Redskins game day activities.  To start, the weather was beautiful and beautiful football weather always brings about so much promise to my heart.  I watched very little pregame shows. Mainly because the Redskins always get negative media coverage…and by ‘negative media coverage’, I mean we never get picked to win!  Sometimes I listen for the fun of it and sometimes it just plain ole rubs me the wrong way.  Sometimes I get bored with the same ole hyped-up stories; You know...Dallas this… and Bret Farve that…blah, blah, blah.  I did manage to watch the Eagles game, and got mad...and by 'mad', I mean LOSE Eagles, Jeez! But the Cowboys did brighten my day!!

Anyway….by 3 pm, my ‘Tailgating Specialty –Meatballs’ were cooking and soon I arrived at FedEx Field.  Yeah, I was real early, the lots opened early, so why not?? Since I had been Tweeting all morning with fellow Redskins fans; I visited several new Tweeps in the parking lot.  We shared food, drinks, smiles and predictions…and by ‘predictions’ I mean Colts will LOSE!!  I knew this would not be an easy game, as Peyton Manning is a great QB and the Colts are a well prepared team.  Not that we aren’t but this Redskins team is still building a nucleus and in the process of settling in with each other.   Previously, I told everyone what the Redskins needed to do to win, but no… they didn’t want to listen to me and now it was time to play the damn thing.  It’s always all about ‘deep analysis’, so here is the game recap:
• 57-yard touchdown pass from Manning to Garcon COLTS 7, REDSKINS 0 (Big Deal!!)
• 9-yard rushing touchdown by Torain COLTS 7, REDSKINS 7 (Now the game is Even Steven!!)
• 5-yard touchdown pass from Manning to Collie COLTS 14, REDSKINS 7 (…5yards?? Pfff!!)
• 43-yard field goal by Vinatieri COLTS 17, REDSKINS 7 (He barely made this one!!)
• 1-yard rushing touchdown by Torain COLTS 17, REDSKINS 14(On his way to a 100 yd game!!)
• 13-yard rushing touchdown by Addai COLTS 24, REDSKINS 14 (Damn, that dude is a workhorse!!)
• 39-yard field goal by Gano COLTS 24, REDSKINS 17(Here we come, Baby!!)
• 33-yard field goal by Vinatieri COLTS 27, REDSKINS 17(Eventual game winning kick!!)
• 8-yard touchdown pass from McNabb to Keiland  COLTS 27, REDSKINS 24(A little too late!!)
Diva & some of the Hogettes!!
On the bright side…and by ‘bright side’, I mean areas where we out-performed the Colts.  I always look for a bright side.  A football game is full of little battles that equate to a single war.  On the field we did have some good statistics…you know, battles that we won:
• First downs: The Redskins had 23 to the Colts had 22;
• Turnovers: Redskins suffered by throwing 2 interceptions, but the Colts lost 3 of 4 fumbles;
• Time of possession: We had the ball for 32:30 minutes compared to the Colts 27:30;
• Wow!! That’s all I’ve got on positives; I thought there were more!!
The fact that we lost by only 3 points to a team that had 134 more total yards and Peyton Manning at the helm is not so bad.  We will get the victory next week, beware BEARS…and by ‘BEARS’, I mean losers!!

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NFL Week Six – Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins

Photo Courtesy @Redskinsblog
The Washington Redskins play the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday night in prime time.  From the sports buzz that I have been hearing throughout the week, the Colts are favored to win.  This is always a good thing to me.  Every game that the Redskins are favored, we manage to give the game away.  Yet we sneak up and beat unexpected ‘better’ opponents.   The sports world is intense right now with all its analysis, predictions, and bogus keys to the game.  A regular and routinely asked question is, “What do the Redskins need to do to win?”  I think this is the silliest question in all of sports!  In fact, I could type all day; boring you stiff, with intelligent, clever, and witty responses to this question.  In all, they will not be the real thing that the Redskins NEED to do to win against the Colts.  Let’s review:
·         The Redskins need to perform better on Offense:
o   McNabb needs to settle down earlier in the game and be the Leader we know him to be;
o   The receivers need to execute their plans to the end, never giving up in stride;
o   The running backs need to dig deep to get those extra yards on the ground;
o   Reach the Red Zone and score, no ‘3 and outs’!
·         The Redskins Special Teams need to be wise on both sides of the ball:
o   Banks needs to get open so he can do his thing;
o   There cannot be penalties away from the ball that negate good returns;
o   The kicking team has to get down field fast and make a play on the ball;
o   Set the offense up with good field position or take it to the house!
·         The Redskins Defense needs to continue to operate at a high level:
o   Landry, Hall and Rogers cannot let their offense get easy yards;
o   Limit unnecessary penalties;
o   Knock a few players out;
o   We have to force turnovers and score!
I know I sound wise and all-knowing about the ways of football and all.  You have to give me credit, these are all good things, and if we do them, we should win.  But the reality is, the Redskins can do all of these things and lose.  In fact, the Redskins can do none of these things and win.  Sadly, there is really only ONE thing the Redskins HAVE to do to win the game.  That is----score more points than the Colts!
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NFL Week Five in Review – Green Bay Packers vs. Washington Redskins

The Powerful Mr. Landry
What a great TIME I had at FedEx Field on Sunday as the Redskins hosted the Green Bay Packers.  To start the game, there was the very powerful LaRon Landry causing a Green Bay turnover; a completed pass from A. Rodgers to D. Lee combined with a forced fumble that was recovered by the very alert Kareem Moore.  Before the play was over, J. Finley had to be carted off the field…all this with less than a minute of game time ticking off the clock. (14:04 left in the 1st Qtr)  After that, there was R Pickett down with less than 2 minutes gone. (13:03 left in the 1st Qtr)  Early on, this game proved to be one that will be decided by time and injuries.

I will fast forward to the Packers having 1st & goal from the Redskins 5 yard line. (11:00 left in the 1st Qtr)  It took them two complete minutes to score their only TD of the game, but then I see D. Lee leaving the sideline for the locker room without wearing his jersey…or pads... hmmm.  (8:50 left in the 1st Qtr)   He was later determined to be OUT with a shoulder injury. (Who touched him?)

To start the 2nd quarter, the Packers had 1st & Ten from the Redskins 20…Red Zone Time! (Oh no!)  A mere 50 seconds later and it was 1st & Goal from the Redskins 9…Red Zone Alert Time! (Dayyyum!)  No dice, on first down, the very strong Chris Wilson makes one helluva play.  Second & Goal, NOPE! It is now 3rd & Goal from INSIDE the Redskins 1 yard line.  A. Rodgers keeps the ball and gets zilch, zip, nada, nothing…not even a hair of movement of the ball. The Packers are thinking…scratching their heads…looking around… they take too long. They take a much needed time out.  With all their wisdom, they decided to TRY to DISRESPECT my defense by going for it on 4th down…albeit 4th & inches from the goal line…but who did they think they were messing with?  (12:16 left in the 2nd Qtr)   [By the way 12:16 is always a GREAT time.] The Packers depart from their huddle and incomplete their pass; it was broken up by the very aptly positioned Lorenzo Alexander.  GOAL LINE STANCE!  Two field goals later by both teams and the score is Packers 10 – Redskins 3 at the half.  I am getting all excited…again…just by typing this game recap...Focus Diva, focus!

The 3rd quarter only saw another Packers field goal.  Finally, our fearless leader Donovan McNabb connects on a 48 yard TD pass to the very talented Anthony Armstrong and the very lovely legged Graham Gano tied the game.  We overcame a 10 point 4th quarter deficit, something we rarely do. (1:07 left in the 4th Qtr)  The Packers M. Crosby missed a 53 yard field goal with only 1 second left in regulation!! It was not overtime, it was ‘nail biting, heart attack having, butterfly stomach churning, and grey hair growing’ time. 

The Attractive Mr. Landy!!

In this 5th quarter, on a Packers drive; the very attractive…I mean, very aggressive LaRon Landry makes a diving interception….then with 6:54 on the overtime clock the very accurate Graham Gano kicked a 33 yard game winning field goal after the Packers coach tried  to ice him.  In the end, the Redskins celebrated a 16-13 overtime win over the Packers.

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NFL Week Four In Review – Washington Redskins vs.Philadelphia Eagles

When the Washington Redskins played the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday, the victory was bitter sweet.  First off, I got sick, somehow on Friday night.  I barked, chocked, and slept thru the haze that was Saturday and barely enjoyed the pregame NFL shows.  Funny though, I was alert enough to see the entire NFL on FOX broadcast team pick the Eagles over the Redskins...those suckas know nothing!  Besides that great bit of encouragement, there was so much hype about the ‘McNabb vs. Philly Event’ and the ‘McNabb vs. Vick Game’, that everyone forgot that on “Any Given Sunday” anyone can win...which is why they play the games.  Yet, McNabb didn’t get booed during his introduction and the game started.  However, the Eagles fans did share a healthy set of ‘boos’ when McNabb took the field for the Redskins first possession.   The Redskins came out of the locker room and practically scored all of their points in the first few possessions. 

Rasheed, part of the Redskins Faithful!!

 So the game fizzled on, I laid in my sick bed and watched.  After a while I noticed that all of the ‘boos’ from the Eagles fans were for the Eagles team...and I loved it!  I felt my second wind.  I managed to shower and throw on some clothes.  I went to my brother’s house to watch the second half with family and friends. Unfortunately, nothing changed over at Dear ole Andy’s.  The Redskins didn’t score anymore, which made me mad. BUtttt, the Eagles booing chants continued, and sounded better and better with each new chorus.  The game otherwise was a dud, but then it perked up a bit.  The Eagles last drive was a possible game winning drive and I thought we were headed a fantastic finish. Nail biting time.  Our defense had narrowly dropped three interceptions while the Eagles inched their way towards the goal line.  In the end, their offense actually dropped the game winner. I mean, we won the game, but we didn’t ‘beat ’them.  The scary thing is, us Redskins faithful are acting as if we did a beat down of the Eagles...and who am I to ruined our...err… ah, I mean, their… fun?   On the other hand, it is good to know the Redskins did follow my instructions on keys to winning the games.  In my preview blog post, I suggested;
·         Offensive Line: Protect McNabb; Mmmm, no major mistakes.
·          McNabb: Do not take your time in the pocket; Did a  decent job.
·         McNabb: Share Eagles offensive plays w/Defensive Coordinator; Did he?
·         Defensive Coordinator: Have every defender on the same page; Did they?
·         Defensive players…go get him!!!! And by him, I mean Vick!! Did THAT!!!!
·         Michael Vick: Choke!! More like, broke…his ribs...Sorry!
·         Wide Receivers: Run the correct route…and…oh yeah, CATCH the ball! PLEASE!
·          Mike Sellers: Do great  blocking for Portis; Mike had some good blocks!
·         Clinton Portis: Run behind Mike; he did & so did Torain.
·         Clinton Portis: No crazy blocking or tackling; check!!
·         Special Teams: Control your downs and contain DeSean Jackson; Well!!!!
·         D. Jackson: Run slow…I should have said get the ball, and then run slow.

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NFL Week Four – Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Washington Redskins are playing the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday.  This game has received more coverage than a Redskins/Eagles game normally commands.  The tension on the streets of DC is that of what is experienced during ‘Dallas Week’.  The chatter about this game can be heard everywhere.  I have been overwhelmed with media articles, TV Interviews, Sports Reporter’s predictions, Barber Shops loud-mouths, coffee shops know-it-alls, uninformed co-workers from the job, tacky internet bloggers, and yes…non-English speaking nail salon employees.  A Diva can’t even get groomed without folks nagging me about the so-called Vick/McNabb showdown.  Although I AM the DC Sports Diva, it does not mean I want to hear about the ‘dumbness of the Redskins when they overlooked getting McNabb for $1.5M two years ago’, or that ‘Vick is going to run all over the Redskins’, or…my personal favorite, ‘how McNabb and Shanahan are both washed-up former NFL employees’,….while I’m trying to pick out a color for my toes.  Good Grief!!
Two Traders!!!
Whew!  I was about to snap….again...but never in the blog… I am a professional.  I keeps it 100, Classy and Regal in the blog...okay?? Okay!!  Speaking of Class, I might lose a few ‘classy-lady points this weekend.  Let’s face it, we are playing the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Philadelphia fan base has to be the worst in the league.  Hell, the Philadelphia fan base has to be the worst in the history of sports…Just ask Kobe B or Allen I, but I am getting away from my topic.  These people are another type of species.  Cut throat, low down and dirty, I mean dog eat dog…no pun intended.  So in order to shut these people up, the Redskins are going to have to come out with everything they have.  There should be no giving of anything to Vick…no good looks, no long passes and no long runs.  The only long thing he can have is a long break on the sidelines while the Redskins offense runs up and down the field. 
I am offering these keys to the Redskins personnel, in order to win this game;
·         Offensive Line: Protect McNabb and give him time to develop the called play;
·         McNabb: Do not take your time, the Offensive Line can only 'hold unoticed' for so long;
·         McNabb: Dump your brain of Eagles offensive plays on the Defensive Coordinator;
·         Defensive Coordinator: Have every defender on the same page;
·         Defensive players…go get him!!!! And by him, I mean Vick!!
·         Michael Vick: Choke!!
·         Wide Receivers: Run the correct route…and…oh yeah, CATCH the ball! PLEASE!
·          Mike Sellers: Do your normal great  blocking for Portis;
·         Clinton Portis: Run behind Mike and do NOT fall too soon;
·         Clinton Portis: No crazy blocking or tackling that will have you sitting hurt in the 2nd half;
·         Special Teams: Control your downs and contain DeSean Jackson;
·         D. Jackson: Run slow, out run your blockers and fall way too soon…ask Portis how to do this properly!!

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NFL Week Three – Washignton Redskins vs. St. Louis Rams

The Redskins played the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, September 26th.  This was the Redskins first away game of the 2010 season.  So I got the chance to relax in the comfort of my own home and watch the game unfold…in front of invited guests.  This is always a bad move for me…to have people over. Some ‘friends’ aren’t as enthusiastic, shall I say, about the Redskins as I am or as devoted as I’d like them to be.  At the first sign of caution, the crowd acts as if I lined up wrong.  They could not stay focused on what was really happening.  And in this game, there was a lot happening.  First, the Redskins always play (up or down) to their competition’s level. There was no reason the Redskins should have lost that game.  After all, in the 2008 Season the Rams only won 2 games…one against the Cowboys (hee-hee) and the other against…well…the Redskins…but you know what we were going through back then!  It was a crazy time.  Can I just say, “Rookie Head Coach”?  Yet in the 2009 season the Rams only won 1 game…one! This game came in week 8 against the Detroit Lions (Duh!!!)   Therefore, according to my calculations…and I do calculations for a living…the Rams were on track to win NO games this season.  But that was then and this is now. 

Rookie-Sam Bradford

Here comes this Hot-Shot Rookie Quarterback…thinking he is supposed to win some games.  Nobody on that team even told him about their recent history.  Noooooo! The nerve of this kid!  Let’s think about it, the Rams were already 0-2.  Meanwhile, the Redskins played down to theee wire against the Cowboys with only 0:03 seconds in regulation left…yeah, remember that? Then we lost a nail biter in overtime to the Texans…Just for the record, I don’t care what they say, that FG that we kicked should have counted...calling timeout at the last second is just rude.    
In any event, I felt the Rams could be a little bit desperate.  They have this highly talented rookie QB that has proven he is ready for the NFL and the beast that is Steven Jackson.  Even though McNabb had a great game last week, the Redskins still lost.  This week we had a different dynamic, because McNabb, the Rams Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur, and the Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo all worked together in Philadelphia for almost decade.  I am sure the Rams knew exactly what they were doing when they shut our offense down by keeping McNabb in the pocket, and by forcing us into plays that were unscripted.  On the other side of the ball, our defense could not keep up with the Rams’ offense.  We have some good Defenders; I do not know how in the world this Defense is ranked so low in the league. (Nor do I want to hear from anyone about it.) We all know that in just two games LaRon Landry, alone, had a sack, 2 tackles for a loss of yards, 4 QB hurries, and an amazing 31 tackles! 
In the end, we all saw the game.  The Rams came out the gate with two quick touchdowns!!  But before the half, the Redskins were in the lead with a score of 16-14.  Who would have thought that there would be no more Redskins scoring?  Certainly not me.  What else is there to say?
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