NFL Week Four – Washington Redskins vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Washington Redskins are playing the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday.  This game has received more coverage than a Redskins/Eagles game normally commands.  The tension on the streets of DC is that of what is experienced during ‘Dallas Week’.  The chatter about this game can be heard everywhere.  I have been overwhelmed with media articles, TV Interviews, Sports Reporter’s predictions, Barber Shops loud-mouths, coffee shops know-it-alls, uninformed co-workers from the job, tacky internet bloggers, and yes…non-English speaking nail salon employees.  A Diva can’t even get groomed without folks nagging me about the so-called Vick/McNabb showdown.  Although I AM the DC Sports Diva, it does not mean I want to hear about the ‘dumbness of the Redskins when they overlooked getting McNabb for $1.5M two years ago’, or that ‘Vick is going to run all over the Redskins’, or…my personal favorite, ‘how McNabb and Shanahan are both washed-up former NFL employees’,….while I’m trying to pick out a color for my toes.  Good Grief!!
Two Traders!!!
Whew!  I was about to snap….again...but never in the blog… I am a professional.  I keeps it 100, Classy and Regal in the blog...okay?? Okay!!  Speaking of Class, I might lose a few ‘classy-lady points this weekend.  Let’s face it, we are playing the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Philadelphia fan base has to be the worst in the league.  Hell, the Philadelphia fan base has to be the worst in the history of sports…Just ask Kobe B or Allen I, but I am getting away from my topic.  These people are another type of species.  Cut throat, low down and dirty, I mean dog eat dog…no pun intended.  So in order to shut these people up, the Redskins are going to have to come out with everything they have.  There should be no giving of anything to Vick…no good looks, no long passes and no long runs.  The only long thing he can have is a long break on the sidelines while the Redskins offense runs up and down the field. 
I am offering these keys to the Redskins personnel, in order to win this game;
·         Offensive Line: Protect McNabb and give him time to develop the called play;
·         McNabb: Do not take your time, the Offensive Line can only 'hold unoticed' for so long;
·         McNabb: Dump your brain of Eagles offensive plays on the Defensive Coordinator;
·         Defensive Coordinator: Have every defender on the same page;
·         Defensive players…go get him!!!! And by him, I mean Vick!!
·         Michael Vick: Choke!!
·         Wide Receivers: Run the correct route…and…oh yeah, CATCH the ball! PLEASE!
·          Mike Sellers: Do your normal great  blocking for Portis;
·         Clinton Portis: Run behind Mike and do NOT fall too soon;
·         Clinton Portis: No crazy blocking or tackling that will have you sitting hurt in the 2nd half;
·         Special Teams: Control your downs and contain DeSean Jackson;
·         D. Jackson: Run slow, out run your blockers and fall way too soon…ask Portis how to do this properly!!

This Diva is Done!