NFL Week Ten - Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins

Congrats! This jersey is going to Canton.

This was the worst game that I have viewed in person in years.  Everything that could have gone right for the Eagles did, and it seem the Redskins just stood around and let it happen.  There was no.... I can't do this!

This Diva is Damaged!

NFL Week Eight In Review – Washington Redskins vs. Detroit Lions

Both Logan & Banks had good returns; Banks' for a TD. (Move over Spievey!)

The Washington Redskins played the Detroit Lions yesterday and it was UGLY!!!  Since I have DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket at home, I usually invite family and friends over for the Redskins away games.  This is normally a bad idea, but being a Redskins fan, you should already know that I am a gluten for punishment.   This day started without any major incidents…other than the fact that too many people where picking the Redskins to win.  THIS is always a kiss of death.  As the game started, it was clear to me that the Redskins would do what we normally do…play down to our competition.  We had already beat the Eagles, Packers, and Bears; teams with current winning records.  Plus, we beat up on the Cowboys…a loser, I know; but they were picked to go All-The-Way!  Then here come the Lions. This is a team that was 1 -5 prior to our match up; a team that had already lost to...? Yup, you guessed it…the Eagles, Packers, and Bears!
This game was lost on so many levels.   The Redskins never seemed to show any sense of superiority over this weak Lions team.  The Redskins stood around and traded ‘3-and-out’series and punts to start the game.  Once the Lions scored their first TD, then all of a sudden the Redskins came alive.  We answered by having a decent return by Banks (He’s so cute!), a lovely run by McNabb (He’s still mobile?), and a 6 yard TD to Torain (He’s multitalented!).  Then, like clockwork, the Redskins relax a bit, with 2 FGs; one of these FGs should have been a TD.  It seems like we went to the half and before I knew it, it was late in the 4th Qtr…5:33 to be exact! The Redskins lead by 5 (25 to 20) and then all HELL broke loose!  In no time flat, there was an interception and a Lions TD!  A Lions FG! A Redskins fumble and another Lions TD!!!   There were 17 unanswered Lions points before I could complete the process of taking a single sip (not a swig-mind you) and swallow from my wine glass.
This game showcased the Good, the Bad & the Ugly!! The GOOD was a 96 yard Kickoff Return by Brandon Banks in the 4th quarter. The BAD was the missed or incorrect call on Phillip Daniels on a FG attempt that resulted in a Lions TD.  The UGLY was the 7 sacks that Donovan McNabb had to endure.  He does need to release the ball a bit faster, BUT, the Offensive Line CANNOT blame each sack on McNabb’s timing.  Rex Grossman entered the game and was quickly introduced to the turf!! In the end, the Redskins sunk into the same, familiar, lackluster, game ending debacle.  On top of it all, have WE started a quarterback controversy?
This Diva is Done!