NFL Week Six – Indianapolis Colts vs. Washington Redskins

Photo Courtesy @Redskinsblog
The Washington Redskins play the Indianapolis Colts this Sunday night in prime time.  From the sports buzz that I have been hearing throughout the week, the Colts are favored to win.  This is always a good thing to me.  Every game that the Redskins are favored, we manage to give the game away.  Yet we sneak up and beat unexpected ‘better’ opponents.   The sports world is intense right now with all its analysis, predictions, and bogus keys to the game.  A regular and routinely asked question is, “What do the Redskins need to do to win?”  I think this is the silliest question in all of sports!  In fact, I could type all day; boring you stiff, with intelligent, clever, and witty responses to this question.  In all, they will not be the real thing that the Redskins NEED to do to win against the Colts.  Let’s review:
·         The Redskins need to perform better on Offense:
o   McNabb needs to settle down earlier in the game and be the Leader we know him to be;
o   The receivers need to execute their plans to the end, never giving up in stride;
o   The running backs need to dig deep to get those extra yards on the ground;
o   Reach the Red Zone and score, no ‘3 and outs’!
·         The Redskins Special Teams need to be wise on both sides of the ball:
o   Banks needs to get open so he can do his thing;
o   There cannot be penalties away from the ball that negate good returns;
o   The kicking team has to get down field fast and make a play on the ball;
o   Set the offense up with good field position or take it to the house!
·         The Redskins Defense needs to continue to operate at a high level:
o   Landry, Hall and Rogers cannot let their offense get easy yards;
o   Limit unnecessary penalties;
o   Knock a few players out;
o   We have to force turnovers and score!
I know I sound wise and all-knowing about the ways of football and all.  You have to give me credit, these are all good things, and if we do them, we should win.  But the reality is, the Redskins can do all of these things and lose.  In fact, the Redskins can do none of these things and win.  Sadly, there is really only ONE thing the Redskins HAVE to do to win the game.  That is----score more points than the Colts!
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