NFL Week Four In Review – Washington Redskins vs.Philadelphia Eagles

When the Washington Redskins played the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday, the victory was bitter sweet.  First off, I got sick, somehow on Friday night.  I barked, chocked, and slept thru the haze that was Saturday and barely enjoyed the pregame NFL shows.  Funny though, I was alert enough to see the entire NFL on FOX broadcast team pick the Eagles over the Redskins...those suckas know nothing!  Besides that great bit of encouragement, there was so much hype about the ‘McNabb vs. Philly Event’ and the ‘McNabb vs. Vick Game’, that everyone forgot that on “Any Given Sunday” anyone can win...which is why they play the games.  Yet, McNabb didn’t get booed during his introduction and the game started.  However, the Eagles fans did share a healthy set of ‘boos’ when McNabb took the field for the Redskins first possession.   The Redskins came out of the locker room and practically scored all of their points in the first few possessions. 

Rasheed, part of the Redskins Faithful!!

 So the game fizzled on, I laid in my sick bed and watched.  After a while I noticed that all of the ‘boos’ from the Eagles fans were for the Eagles team...and I loved it!  I felt my second wind.  I managed to shower and throw on some clothes.  I went to my brother’s house to watch the second half with family and friends. Unfortunately, nothing changed over at Dear ole Andy’s.  The Redskins didn’t score anymore, which made me mad. BUtttt, the Eagles booing chants continued, and sounded better and better with each new chorus.  The game otherwise was a dud, but then it perked up a bit.  The Eagles last drive was a possible game winning drive and I thought we were headed a fantastic finish. Nail biting time.  Our defense had narrowly dropped three interceptions while the Eagles inched their way towards the goal line.  In the end, their offense actually dropped the game winner. I mean, we won the game, but we didn’t ‘beat ’them.  The scary thing is, us Redskins faithful are acting as if we did a beat down of the Eagles...and who am I to ruined our...err… ah, I mean, their… fun?   On the other hand, it is good to know the Redskins did follow my instructions on keys to winning the games.  In my preview blog post, I suggested;
·         Offensive Line: Protect McNabb; Mmmm, no major mistakes.
·          McNabb: Do not take your time in the pocket; Did a  decent job.
·         McNabb: Share Eagles offensive plays w/Defensive Coordinator; Did he?
·         Defensive Coordinator: Have every defender on the same page; Did they?
·         Defensive players…go get him!!!! And by him, I mean Vick!! Did THAT!!!!
·         Michael Vick: Choke!! More like, broke…his ribs...Sorry!
·         Wide Receivers: Run the correct route…and…oh yeah, CATCH the ball! PLEASE!
·          Mike Sellers: Do great  blocking for Portis; Mike had some good blocks!
·         Clinton Portis: Run behind Mike; he did & so did Torain.
·         Clinton Portis: No crazy blocking or tackling; check!!
·         Special Teams: Control your downs and contain DeSean Jackson; Well!!!!
·         D. Jackson: Run slow…I should have said get the ball, and then run slow.

This Diva is Done!